One Hundred Years of Pressed Glass - 1840 – 1940
A Private Collection

Over 700 pieces of pressed glass which I have collected over the last years are archived on this site. If you are a collector yourself, you may be able to find out more about the pieces you have, where they come from or how old they are.

The collection is divided into different chapters or sections. New entries 2004-2008 can be found here (German pages with pictures).

Interesting texts about glass: “About Glass”.

A new text on the new edition of the “Nullserie” in 2007 can be found here (written in March 2008).

Of course, not the whole site can be translated into English. But I will try to give you as much support as possible to allow you to navigate through the German site (see the translation table!).

Some hints about the archive which is set up in German can be found under “Explanations” .

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